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About Patty

Being the oldest of 13 children, in a traditional and very conservative family, I was always a caretaker. As a sensitive little girl who loved animals and playing doctor, I also knew that I was meant to be a healer. Fast forward over 20 years and I am a very happy wife, mother to 6 of my own children, living in a home in the country with a large garden and starting my own holistic healing business after years of being in the medical field as a Registered nurse. Then my darkest hour occurred on a bright sunny summer day. The husband I dearly loved was killed in a car accident, leaving me a widow with 6 children.
I plunged into the fiery depths of grief and loss. I felt abandoned and alone. Through my grieving process, I eventually emerged…
one healing step at a time. Scared yet Determined – Doubting yet Hopeful – Lost yet found.
With each choice to move forward, I discovered “me.”
My true Self. My spirit self.
Angels touched me. People loved me.
God revealed miracles and I grew in love.I am now a Spiritual Counselor who understands.
I am a Healer, whose gifts were activated.
I honor all expressions of the Divine and I am here to serve.From my heart to yours,
Thank you for being here now.X92A6349-Edit-Patty
Ala’leah Rashyaa (my spiritual name)Email: pattymarkhampeterson@gmail.com** Read Patty’s full story of her journey from trauma to transformation in her book,
“Expanding Heart – A woman’s journey from trauma to transformation”
and discover how YOU too, can heal and grow through your pain.Patty and her children, 2013:




– Registered nurse state of Michigan since 1981. Graduate of Michigan Technological University, Houghton, MI

-Trained in a variety of traditional medical settings over 16 years.

– Founder of Keweenaw Natural Wellness 1997 and Expanding Hearts 2008

– Trained in Electrodermal Screening 1997-1999

- Studied with Dr. Savely Yurkovsky of New York in Field Control Therapy ‘00-02

– Neurolink Practitioner with advanced theory and practice, with Dr. Allan K. Phillips, developer 2001-04

– Completed the Angel Therapy Practitioner Program with Doreen Virtue PhD of California 2003

– Certificates held in the Navigating the Inner Matrix program, Golden Ray Harmonic Energy Integration Program,
Master Avesa™ Quantum Healer and Quantum Clairvoyance with Sri Ram Kaa and Kira Raa of TOSA Center for Enlightened Living, New Mexico 2008-09

– January 1, 2011: Certified Counseling Avesa ™Medical Intuitive through the Avesa Quantum Healing Institute

-Certified Cosmic Life Regression 2013

-Certified Ascended Numerologist 5/2014

-Certified Self Ascension Intuitive Counselor 2/2014 through the Avesa™ Quantum Institute

– Extensive use of Homeopathy for physical, and emotional balancing and detoxification 1997-2014

– Proficient in applied kinesiology/muscle testing and dowsing

-Individualized counseling and evaluation on whole food supplementation and diet

– Utilizes metaphysics, mind-body connection with an influence of several teachers and resources

– Integrates several modalities for eliminating belief patterns that prevent us from moving forward (i.e. theta healing, psych-k, angelic healing, EFT)

– Hands on energy healing and balancing; chakra balancing, aura reading


Patty is available for in-person sessions in Houghton, Michigan
and telephone or computer consultations world wide.

Email: pattymarkhampeterson@gmail.com