Expanding Hearts, Patty Markham Peterson » Transformational Life Coaching, Holistic Healing, Author, Intuitive Counselor


Patty is an Inspiring and Entertaining Teacher, Quantum Healer and Spiritual Counselor!
As the owner of Expanding Hearts Avesa™ Quantum Healing Center
she is currently available in Houghton, Michigan or remotely by phone/computer.
Heal ~ Discover ~ Grow ~ Empower 
from the comfort of your own home!
Each Session is Tailor Made to the Client’s Unique needs.
                                                                                               Increased Energy
  Reduce Stress
Sleep Better
Gain Confidence
Loving Relationships
Less Aches and Pains
Achieve Goals and Dreams
Improved Energy
Greater Focus and Clarity
Enhanced Abundance
Fresh Perspectives
Heal the Past
Develop Self Trust
Come to Peace with your Body
Heal Emotional Pain
Improve Digestion
and much more…..
Services may include any of the following:
Holistic Comprehensive Client Evaluation

Spiritual Counseling
Life Coaching
Avesa ™ Medical Intuitive Evaluation
Nutritional Assessments
Applied kinesiology  (muscle testing)
EFT- meridian tapping
Chakra Balancing
Detoxification Guidance
Ionic Foot detoxification
Quantum Clairvoyant readings
Avesa™ Quantum Healing
Crystal Usage for Healing and Balancing
Ascended Numerology Readings/Soul Code Revelation
Cosmic Life Regression
Forgiveness Work
Egyptian Healing Rods
Classes and Workshops
*Email pattymarkhampeterson@gmail.com to set up your FREE 15 minute Consultation*
** Discounts Offered Through the Purchase of Session Packages
***Cash, Credit Card, Paypal and Payment Plans accepted