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mombook1PINIMAGEA woman’s journey from trauma to transformation!

“I wrote this book with the hope that my story might help you, as you navigate the challenges in your life.”

  *As Patty navigated the myriad of emotions common to grief and trauma, she found healing modalities that really work. She assists the reader to go deeper into their heart – to discover who they are and how to live with fulfillment and peace.

   *With Easy to Follow Guides at the end of the book, you can:

        *Heal old feelings of grief, loss and guilt

        *Embrace Greater Self Acceptance

        *Build your Innate Intuitive Abilities

        *Connect with Your Angels and Guides

                                                                         *Ignite your Dreams

Allow Patty to Inspire you to Discover how Amazing You Truly Are!

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An excerpt from the book:

It was a perfect summer day in our small town in Upper Michigan. As I stood in my natural wellness office, saying good-bye to my last client before lunch, a young dark-haired state trooper walked into the reception area and removed his hat. “Patricia Peterson?” he asked me, a solemn expression on his face. I must have nodded my head because he went on to say, “I am sorry. Your husband was killed this morning in a crash.” “No! Not my husband. Not Glenn!” I managed to cry. “He was my life!”

Thus began my plunge into an ocean of deep loss and grief. At forty-one years old, I had become a widow with six children. This tragedy left me so devastated that I couldn’t imagine how I’d go on. Over time, though, as I sought ways to relieve my terrible pain, I began to feel the stirrings of a new awareness – awareness of a greater power, an essence, within and around me, and I began to access an inner guidance that connected me to divine messages and miracles.

As I sought to recover from my husband’s death, I read widely about how to work through grief, connect with deceased loved ones, increase intuition, raise consciousness and heal the body and mind. I learned techniques that uplifted me, and pursued these practices consistently. As I made this commitment, synchronistic events around me became more evident: I began to see with new eyes, hear with more intensity and feel beyond anything I could have imagined.

It was the most exciting thing I had ever experienced, yet with this new awareness I also felt skepticism and fear. I began to have more multidimensional experiences – prophetic dreams, communications from angels, perception of auras, increased energy healing abilities. Each offered an opportunity to expand and heal, but also challenged my old belief systems. At every stage of my growing awareness, I faced choices about whether to trust my heart and step out of my comfort zone – or not.

Through my journey, the practices I used to ease my grief expanded my intuition and ultimately helped me to discover who I really was. I offer my story of transformation as a guide. My story is not the same as yours, yet we all confront challenges offering opportunities to discover the limitless potential within. As you read my tale, I invite you to connect more deeply with your heart and see more clearly that you are an infinite spirit within a human body. You are unique and special; your presence makes a difference.”