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What is Avesa™?

Avesa ™ (Sanskrit). The purest meaning is Divine Empowerment.

The powerful gift of Avesa Energies is available to anyone through a beautiful, Magical, life transforming attunement process. Through Avesa you experientially embrace your Truth of simultaneously being body, mind, heart, soul and more!

This Energetic Balancing session, otherwise known as the ’20 minute miracle’, bringing clients into the Quantum Field and higher realms, allowing the chakras of the body to balance and heal, offering Ascension energies to assist in inner peace and wholeness. Results vary: most often those who have experienced this profound gift report diminished symptoms, a greater feeling of Peace, ability to manifest, clarity of life purpose, and true connection with their own unique expression of Energy as a conscious, co-creative and divinely empowered being. It is a time enfolding experience.

Humanity is at the time of the great awakening and the gift of Avesa Quantum Healing™ empowers you to embrace all the changes and challenges around you with ease and Joy! Avesa is a mystical and tangible solution to the increasingly critical needs of our times and the search for Divine Consciousness. Avesa energy came forward to this planet through an energetic lineage of wondrous beings and ascended masters and was kept very secretive prior to the year 2000 because the vibration level on the planet was not ready to receive it. It is now time for the love of Avesa to spread throughout the world like Reiki, acupuncture, and other highly effective complementary alternatives to modern medicine.

excerpted from “What is Avesa Quantum Healing?” – Avesa International – Copyright 2011