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Rudraksha is a large species type of evergreen tree that produces a fruit that contains the rudraksha. (the seeds of the fruit are the beads). The seeds of this fruit are most unique and carry an electromagnetic frequency. These seeds have been used by saints, sages, royalty and many others for spirituality, good health, abundance and success.

According to ancient text they grow in Guoda, the land which is presently the area of the Gangetic plain. This is the southern border area of Asia to the foothills of the Himalaya and the middle area of Nepal. Presently they are localized in Nepal and the southern part of Asia.

Scientifically they work by opening the chakras of the human body into an aligned state of Self Ascended Stability. With chakras fully awakened and balanced a person ignites the inward journey with the strength and presence to live without FEAR.

Rudraksha offer a depth of natural resonance with the human energy field (aura), and have been best known for biomedical properties and to control stress, hypertension and blood pressure issues.It increases self power and invokes self-love along with enhancing the charisma of the wearer.

I have felt so much more empowered and able to speak my truth since I began to wear my RRST. The vertebrae in my back have also improved as proven by a scan from my chiropractor.

Here are a few of my client’s testimonials: 

“I was feeling stressed over something fairly small and when I put my healing pendent on, I felt so much more calm. I noticed how silly it was to feel stress over that event.” K.P. from RI, new RRST owner

“I LOVE them. They felt so good as soon as I held them. I feel much more calm, centered and balanced.” C.K. Missoula MT

I love my rudraksha. I am noticing more opportunities coming toward me and feeling more stable.”  J.G. Hancock, MI  after the first weeks wearing RRST

I feel so GOOD! I have more energy and the drama around me does not affect me like it used to. I am also feeling stronger and healthier. My clients are noticing how wonderful my energy is!” R.T. Menahga, MN

“I sure notice that when I wasn’t wearing them, I didn’t have as much energy. So now, I wear them every day!” T. K. Chicago, IL

“I am noticing less anxiety about the future and I have more universal trust. When I look at the RRST, it reminds me that Everything is Energy and I’m more aware of thoughts and how my thoughts are energy affecting everything in my life!”  M.P. Galacia Spain

“I LOVE them. I am more tolerant of stressful times and people. My focus is improved. I just want to wear them because it’s like they beacon me if I forget to put them on.” C.D. Hancock, MI

“I am definitely more settled and grounded. They are such a reminder of the Positive as I wear them.” H. N., St. Paul MN

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