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Transformational Workshops

PINIMAGETransformational and Healing Workshops

Patty is a teacher of the heart and believes in empowering each person’s unique gifts, skills and healing capacities.  Each participant is able to leave the workshop with tools and techniques to easily incorporate into their daily life to reduce stress, enhance confidence and discover deeper inner peace.

Healing happens when your heart is open and available. Many past participants received energetic healing through the many practices and self reflection opportunities offered.

Previous workshops include:

“Trusting your Natural Intuition”

“Inspired Healers”

“Dynamic Women-living a vibrant and healthy life”

“Learn Muscle Testing for everyday use”

“Anchoring Love-drawing more fulfilling relationships into your life”

“Healing through the New Ascended Chakras”


“The Anchoring Love Class made me feel so good all over and that All things are possible. I did the homework, and began to feel peace in my heart on that very first day. I no longer take what others’ say to heart, for I am finding WHO I am!”  S.H. houghton MI


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