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“I found Patty’s skillful use of Avesa Quantum Healing Profoundly Transformative, melting away the false layers and Leaving me Healthy and FREE in my own Truth.”  -KK 59 Houghton MI


” I have been doing “Distance Work” with Patty and I am AMAZED with the Effect she has from Afar and all the Changes that have been happening in my life! She helped me Immensely! Patty is very Talented and knowledgeable with her work. Thank you Patty, You are very Gifted!!”    -RT  44 Menahga MN


“Patty worked with me, teaching me EFT (meridian tapping) and this really helped me Focus and Improve my Performance as a College Athlete.  When I struggled after a bad game, I used the EFT and regained my Confidence, leaving behind the Negative, resulting in Improved Efforts and Outcomes! ”    -TK  21 Hancock, MI 2014


” I had the gift of the opportunity to have a Cosmic Life Regression with Patty. One thing I have struggled with my whole life was a lack of self love. At times I have been my own worst enemy. The self doubt has not allowed me to shine my light and has triggered my journey to peace. The Cosmic life regression brought this True Sincerity and love of my True Self in. I feel Stronger and Whole.  Occasionally the old demons may come in, but it is much less than before and I have tools that I took from my CLR to give me the strength and connection.  There are truly no words that can state the shift that I have felt and that I can connect to when I feel weak.  Patty as a spiritual mediator is a double blessing. Need more Light in your life? Try a Cosmic Life Regression!        -MM 33, Dickinson, ND   2014


“I was addicted to Diet Pepsi, drinking at least 2, sometimes 3, 20 oz bottles a day. And it would also trigger my sweet tooth (which needed NO help!) Worst of all, the aspartame in diet soda was really causing joint pain and discomfort. I did the EFT exercises with Patty. To me, it was a simple tapping technique that she talked me through in one session. I didn’t have-or want!–a sip of Diet Soda for over 6 months!

Recently, I had a Diet Pepsi with lunch at a restaurant, just to kind of test myself. Before, when I’d given up soda pop, one taste would put me right back to drinking several ounces a day (it was like heroin to me!) and totally trigger a craving for chocolate. But this time, I didn’t even finish the whole glass. It just  didn’t taste good to me. No triggering for sweets. And No craving for any more than that half glass. Thank you Patty!!”      – TK 48  Las Vegas NV 2013


Thank You Patty. I made more Progress with ONE visit with you than 2 Years with my counselor!!”  – LM 23 Colorado 2013


I never stop learning with each Class/workshop I take with Patty.  I am so grateful for every lesson and now understand that everything happens to us in life is a reflection and to find the learning and the gifts. To fully forgo e and move on… You truly are a treasure and I continue to be blessed to have you in my life!    -CG 48 Hancock MI


“Tapping – one of those “profoundly simple” actions like qi gong – is helping tremendously to clear the old and allow the new into my life. SO Thankful!!”     – DB Calumet MI


I have NO pain in my knee today since you did the Distance Healing Yesterday!! I am AMAZED (although Not Surprised!) and so thankful to Iyou. You have such a healing gift!!”     -KD Winthrop Harbor IL 2012


“Tapping REALLY works! It helps the stomach issue and Sleeplessness. I often can’t finish the sequence because I have fallen asleep!”     -PJ 60 Dollar Bay MI


“After having my first Avesa Balancing, I found unbelievable Calm! I slept like a baby and nothing bothered me for days! ”     -LL 48 Houghton MI 2013


“My medical bills went down since I started getting the foot detoxes! My allergies are better too! Thank you!”   -JP Houghton MI 2013


Words fail me when I try to Explain what tools Patty has given me to help me keep my life in ‘Balance.’ Her Energy Work and teachings have saved so much imbalance from my family’s life, bringing in true contentment and peace for us all. I am so thankful for all of her recommendations with homeopathics, supplements and more. She has always been ‘exact’ as far as knowing what I need in that moment. We are so Thankful to God for having her in our lives.”     – JJ 40, Laurium MI,   9/2014